Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Calypso Mineral Beauty "Fall Stacker"

Hello lovelies! I am excited to be back with my second review from Calypso Mineral Beauty! This time I will be reviewing and swatching the beautiful Matte Fall Stacker.

These 11 colors come conveniently stacked as you can see :)

Starting from the top L-R

Fetish- A deep rich red brown
Torrid- A beautiful toned down red brown
Blood Orange- a muted orange
Maize- A true mustard yellow, I really love this shade of yellow!
Daffy Dill- A muted more pastel yellow
 These were swatched over NYX JEP in Milk

Blimey-Not sure how to describe this one it is a pastel pea green? But very adorable
Envy-A true pea green
Fangorn- deep sage green 
Violent- Beautiful pastel lavander
Livid-Deep burgundy
Contusion-Deep purple

              These colors are incredibly beautiful! They are definitely perfect for fall! There is not one color in this stack that I don't adore. Each color makes a gorgeous liner as well. I LOVE Violent as a liner and blush, it's a must have! Pigmentation like usual when it comes to Calypso is perfect! Blending is smooth and flawless.
Lately I have been finding myself reaching for this stack more and more on a regular basis, its my go to collection when I want color but nothing too bright. Calypso definitely offers high quality shadows at a low cost and I couldn't be happier with their products. I hope to try out more of what they offer soon.

Using Livid and Contusion

Using Livid again :)
Using Fetish and Torrid and Violent as a liner. :)

Again I definitely recommend this company and their lovely products! Here are all the links for Calypso be sure to check them out :)

The Matte Fall Stacker is found here: Matte Fall Stacker
Calypso Mineral Beauty Store: Calypso Mineral Beauty Etsy
Calypso On Facebook:

Make sure you check out their facebook page, they have ton's of awesome deals sales and giveaways all the time!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Calypso Mineral Beauty Review

Today I will be reviewing the Matte Rainbow Stacker from Calypso Mineral Beauty and I am really excited about it!

 As you can see this vibrant Stacker comes with 13 matte shades which include reds, purples, blues, greens, and yellows. These loose shadows are very pigmented and packed with color.


True Blood: Matte pink toned Red.
Tickle Pink: Perfect baby pink.
Orange Crush: A muted warm toned orange.
Matte Apricot: Definitely an apricot color, this one is a little more vibrant than Orange Crush.
Lemon Sorbet: A more mustard yellow.
I do believe Orange Crush and Matte Apricot are close enough to each other than both aren't necessary. None the less, both beautiful colors.

Sublime: The name alone I love but its a gorgeous olive sage green. One of my faves!
Envious: A grassy green
Drama: Lovely powder blue another favorite!
Bright Blue: Obnoxious in your face bright royal blue. This one is just a must have in anyone's collection.
 (I love these 4 colors together)

 In the Navy: perfect deep smouldering navy blue.
Grape Pop: Think of the colors purple and this is what will pop in your head.
Matte Violet: Vibrant shade of violet.
Razzle Dazzle: My absolute most favorite color out of the bunch. The most awesome vibrant raspberry color. GORGEOUS!
(Swatches done over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
 Here is a picture of the colors wet using a mixing medium. Proof they make awesome liners!

Pigmentation: 5/5
These pigments are beautifully created, awesome pigmentation for sure. With most mattes they require a little more work but they actually blend great! I of course suggest a primer AND base for the most bang for your buck as I do with all shadows especially loose shadows. I really love playing with these bad boys I find myself reaching for this stack more than anything else when I want to do makeup.

Company: 5/5
I have had nothing but an awesome experience with this company, the owner is incredibly pleasant. Totally adore her! The shipping was fast and everything came in tact.

Packaging: 4/5
I do love the fact that this is a stack because it keeps the colors together saves space and time. I have tons of loose shadows and it is hard to find colors sometimes so I like having these all in one spot. My only complaint is the labeling. They are paper not laminated or anything so the pigment sticks to it and makes it difficult to read the colors. Other than that the packaging of the stacks are great.

If you want to see looks using these shadows please check out my Facebook: Savannah Loves Makeup
and Makeupbee:

For the Rainbow Stacker or any other Calypso Mineral Beauty products please check out their Etsy: Matte Rainbow Stacker
Facebook: Calypso Mineral Beauty FB
The owner was sweet enough to give my "fans" a discount code you will receive 25% off with the code: "Savannah" how awesome is that?!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this review I admit I am quite rusty at it since it has been a while but I hope it was still informative! Thanks again and have a lovely day!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moi Mineral Cosmetics Picture Tutorial!

Hello beauties! Today I am going to attempt a pictorial since I'm still nervous for a video tutorial AND I'm still getting used to my new camera. Anywho My look today will be featuring the amazing MOI Mineral Cosmetics be gentle I'm a first timer!

 Below is a all the products used today for this look

UD 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in *Zero*
MAC's Penultimate Eye Liner in *Rapid Black*
NYX Eyeshadow Base in *White*
ELF Cream Liner in *Toffee*
UD Primer Potion
Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara in *Black*
MOI Mineral shadows in:
 *Zombie Bride*
Sigma Brushes:
Concealer F70
Pencil E30
Tappered Blending E40(Not Pictured above)
ELF Brush:
Here's a closer look of the products :)

Now lets begin!

Step 1.Start with a clean bare eye

Step 2. just need a smidgen and using a clean finger lightly rub it all over the lid.

Step 3. Usually I would use my NYX Jumbo Pencil in brown but I couldn't find it so instead using my Sigma concealer brush I took a bit of ELF cream liner as a base and placed it on my lower lid. I chose a brown base since the color being applied over it has some brown in it, I wanted to darken the color up so I put a colored base.

Step 4. Blend out the base I used the Concealer brush again for this and just blend til its even and try and stay within your lower lid.

Step 5. I took MOI's amazing Diego and patted it over the lid with the same brush as in step 3 and 4.
Step 6. I dipped my Sigma bleding brush into MOI's Pank tapped off the excess and swept in in my crease.

Step 7. With the Elf brush I took Voluptuous and applied it in my outter crease and blended, this is to add some depth.

Step 8. Again with the Pencil brush I applied MOI's Haunted under my lower lash line.

Step.9 I applied my liner and mascara.

But...I felt the look wasn't complete so I added a little...
So step 10. Take the Pencil brush and add a bit of Pluto in the inner crease to add a little drama and of course a highlight to the brow bone(MOI's Zombie Bride) and Ta-da!!
To purchase the Shadow's used today Visit
Also Check out Their Facebook
And for my review and Swatches for MOI click below

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chequered Lily Review & Swatches!

Hello lovelies! I'm back with another review for you all! This time its from a company I randomly(but luckily) found on Etsy while browsing one day. Their name is The Chequered Lily Apothecary!

 I ordered the reviewer pack which comes with 10 samples of my choice, she sent 12 :)
They came in baggies with a decent amount of product in each bag, good for multiple uses.

First set of samples
My FAVORITE of the group, its a light delicate blue with gold sparkly, super gorgeous!
Awesome grass green with tons of gold sparkle.
Described as a terracotta-coral color, very pretty.
Bright yellow toned line green, sparkly and beautiful! 
Crack Berry-
Ahh this one is actually tied with Alice. This is a semi deep purple with TEAL sparkles! SO gorgeous and unique!
Beautiful dirty pink with gold reflects.
Very pale pink with tons of gold shimmer! Gorgeous highlight color.

Next up...
Sparkly cotton candy pink.
Shimmery mustard yellow with gold glitter.
A Dustland Fairytale-
Described as a pale dusty rose with gold and copper highlights, this one also goes into my faves :)
A smouldering deep grey with red silver and purple reflects. Very sexy shade!
Last but not least
This is another top color for me, again very unique, its dark purple with brown undertone, or brown with dark purple undertone. Either way its amazing.

Here is a look I did today using a few of the colors
Want to know what colors I used?
I'll show you :)
I numbered the colors in the order I used them :) A quick mini "pictorial"
1. Alice
2.Crack Berry
3. Jareth
4. Pulsar
And I used Jareth again wet as liner.

As you can hopefully tell from the swatches, these colors are BEAUTIFUL. Hands down some of the most amazing shadows I have ever used. Seriously in love with these shadows and this company.
1. Beautiful shades
2. Unique colors
3. Great blend ability
5. Great prices
6. Fast and cheap shipping
7.Awesome Customer service

NONE! besides the fact that I want to buy every shadow in the shop. Con for me Pro for them :)

Would I recommend this company? Umm heck yes!! I am definitely going to purchase more shades and full sizes of some of the ones I received.

The Chequered Lily's Etsy Shop:
Their Facebook:

Hope you enjoyed :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Moi Minerals Cosmetics Swatches and Review!

Hi loves! This blog is a long time coming, I apologize for the delay! As some of you know I was chosen to become a Model for Moi Mineral Cosmetics. I'm here to show you swatches of what I was sent to work with, and to give my honest review :)

Here is what was in my package....LOADS of amazingness!!
I was sent 12 Full sized shadows and 15 Samples. How cute is the green envelope!?
As far as packaging everything arrived safe and secure.
Jars come with ingredients labeled on the back and products that are not lip safe are labeled as so which is always helpful.
Above are the swatches from the 10 full sized jars(I chose the colors for these ones)
First up
To me Rush is a shimmery smokey purple with tons of sparkle, on the site its described as "sexy" and I would have to agree.
Ever Green-
This is a matte green, the swatch is pretty true to color. One of my favorite greens
Another favorite of mine. Its a bright orange with a tint of pink to it, kind of like a melony color. Very pretty.
I'm going to be saying this quite a bit but Pluto is a favorite of mine as well. Its a deep sexy purple, GORGEOUS color.
Kiss Me Quick-
A very sparkly muted pink, love it.
This color has an unfair advantage because Maria is my best friends name, BUT this color is incredibly pretty. Its a metallic gold with an olive tint to it absolutely adore it. I find my self drawn to this shade everytime I go to do a look.
Haha I don't know if you can tell but Diego is my most favorite color in the whole bunch. Pretty much my favorite shadow of every shadow I own. It is so unique and beautiful. It shifts from brown to blue, there I seriously no way to describe how amazing this color is. BUT everyone needs it! :)
Another Fave!! Love the name, and the color, its a mauveulous(don't judge me) purple shade :) super adorable color.
The perfect bubble gum pink shade.
Also a fave, shimmery teal color. I love wearing this one with Haunted <3
All the jars come with sifters, and come packed!

Holly also included the "Till Death Do Us Part" collection in full sized jars
Zombie Groom-
Shimmery Zombie Green
Zombie Bride-
Shimmery white with loads of green glitter(awesome as a highlight)

Now the Samples
Samples come with a good amount of product, enough for a good amount of applications.
First for this round...
Described as a light shimmery peach color, awesome color!
Ocean Queen-
Typical baby blue color, has a bit of a metallic finish.
Lime Light-
Shimmery light lime green(pretty sure thats why its called lime light?)
Talk Dirty To Me-
This one is part of the Rock Hard collection, its very similar to Maria. This one is described and a Mustard yellow gold with loads of shimmer. Very gorgeous color.
Girls, Girls, Girls!-
Also part of the Rock Hard collection, this one is a shimmery bright pink.
Hi Five-
LOVE Hi Five, to me this color is like a pink toned red, I'm honestly not sure how to desribe it but it makes me happy :)
Spank Me-
Bright shimmery blue, totally love this one! Perfect blue.
Moon Child-
Also in the Rock Hard collection, shimmery black with blue undertones.
I really love this color, its a light shimmery gold with shifts of green, very unique color.

Last bit of Samples

Muted purple with shifts of blue, really delicate and pretty!
Master of Puppets-
Also a Rock Hard color, deep purples with loads of rainbow sparkle.
A light shimmery tan.
Rockstar Red-
I'm a sucker for red eyeshadows, one of my most favorite shadow colors. This red is AWESOME its a metallic/shimmery true red.
The last of the Rock Hard colors, its a shimmery brick red.
Last but not least
Deep blue/grey with lots of sparkle!

I've had a few weeks, maybe even a few months to work with these shadows I've done a handful of looks with them and I can honestly say MOI has become part of my top five mineral companies. They had me at Diego! Colors are unique and gorgeous, very blendable and great pigmentation. I can't get enough of MOI's products. I have not 1 complaint, honestly! Not only does MOI sell eyeshadows, they sell blush, bronzer, lippies,primers, veils,brushes, and skin care products! This woman does it all!I would definitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone. Prices are great, shipping isn't bad at all. Righ now on their site they are having collection sales, 3 5g for $10, 4 3g for $10, 6 5g for $20 and 10 3g for $25!
I'd also like to say the owner is a total sweetheart! She's very genuine and always there to answer any questions or concerns. Very great customer service which is always an important factor when purchasing items online. Definitely proud to be apart of the MOI team <3

Check out their site :
Their Etsy:
Their Facebook:

Monday, July 11, 2011


My 800 Likes Contest has come to an end!! And the judges have spoken!

 Before I announce the winners I'd like to thank my AWESOME sponsors!! 

Addie LaDawn

Ironvine Hair Accessories

Killa Monroe

Abigail's Boutique

Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty

You all have been so kind and generous and I can't thank you enough for helping me with my contest!! 

Now on to the winners!! It was reaaaaally tough for me and the judges to choose our top choice for each category...The way I had it done was I asked each judge to pick their top 2 in each category and whoever's name/picture had the most votes was the winner...There were no ties so that made it easier. 

So for NEWBIES the winner is.........

Kaitlyn McWilliams !!! Both of your entries were great! I loved the colors in this and the design on your forehead was awesome! Your recreation of it is actually more appealing then the actual Face chart to me :)

Now for EXPERIENCED.................
Maria Galindo!!!! She was picked by all 5 judges. This look was so clean, pigmented and dead on!! Loved it! 

CONGRATULATIONS ladies!!!! Please Email me your Addresses to

And thank you for everyone who entered, everyone seriously did an awesome job and it was fun to see all of your entries....please don't be discouraged if you didn't win If I was super rich I would send you all prizes if I could! Thanks again everyone for all the support and love you guys give me I appreciate each and every one of you!!!! <3 and stay tuned for more contests and giveaways :)


Monday, June 20, 2011

800+ "Likes" Contest!!!

Its that time again lovelies!!! CONTEST!!! wooooo!! Thank you all for the continued love and support I love and appreciate you all!! I felt it was time to do something fun so after a few weeks of deliberating I came up with my contest theme! I'll get right into the details!
a link to MY facebook page (must be a fan of it to enter) Savannah Loves Makeup

Ironvine Hair Accessories

Rag Dolls Beauty

Addie LaDawn

Killa Monroe

Abigails Boutique

MAC Face Charts!! I will post links to sites where you can find MAC face charts and all you need to do is pick one to recreate. BUT there is a twist. I want glitter to be added to your look. You can choose a simple look or even one of the halloween face charts ANY face chart from MAC is welcome :)

MAC face charts
Halloween face charts
and you can also just google "MAC face charts" :)

RULES: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention and follow the rules so I don't have to disqualify anyone.

1. Must LIKE all sponsors.(links will be included)
2. Must be a NEW look that was created just for this contest which means I'd like Savannah Loves Makeup/Savannah <3's makeup OR S.L.M's contest written on a piece of paper or on your hand/body.
3.Must have glitter in the look
4.You can enter up to 2 separate times.
5. I'd like at least 2 pictures of your look emailed to and a picture of the face chart you recreated Or posted on my facebook wall.
6. This will be a judged contest, the judges will include me and a few other people.
7. There will be 2 winners( 1 experienced winner 1 newbie winner) so make sure you let me know which category you would like to be entered in.
8. U.S. and Canada contestants only...sorry :/ (depending on the Canadian postal strike thats going on?)
9. Starts today June 20th...Ends July 11th @ 11:59 est time
10. I prefer the work to be done on yourself :)
Prizes will include makeup and accessories I have my sponsors and I will be going to IMATS!! so Once I have collected all the prizes I will make a video and post pictures of the prizes. :)

I will be posting the entries in an album on facebook and announcing the winners in a video. Any questions comments or concerns feel free to leave a comment below :) HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!