Friday, August 26, 2011

The Chequered Lily Review & Swatches!

Hello lovelies! I'm back with another review for you all! This time its from a company I randomly(but luckily) found on Etsy while browsing one day. Their name is The Chequered Lily Apothecary!

 I ordered the reviewer pack which comes with 10 samples of my choice, she sent 12 :)
They came in baggies with a decent amount of product in each bag, good for multiple uses.

First set of samples
My FAVORITE of the group, its a light delicate blue with gold sparkly, super gorgeous!
Awesome grass green with tons of gold sparkle.
Described as a terracotta-coral color, very pretty.
Bright yellow toned line green, sparkly and beautiful! 
Crack Berry-
Ahh this one is actually tied with Alice. This is a semi deep purple with TEAL sparkles! SO gorgeous and unique!
Beautiful dirty pink with gold reflects.
Very pale pink with tons of gold shimmer! Gorgeous highlight color.

Next up...
Sparkly cotton candy pink.
Shimmery mustard yellow with gold glitter.
A Dustland Fairytale-
Described as a pale dusty rose with gold and copper highlights, this one also goes into my faves :)
A smouldering deep grey with red silver and purple reflects. Very sexy shade!
Last but not least
This is another top color for me, again very unique, its dark purple with brown undertone, or brown with dark purple undertone. Either way its amazing.

Here is a look I did today using a few of the colors
Want to know what colors I used?
I'll show you :)
I numbered the colors in the order I used them :) A quick mini "pictorial"
1. Alice
2.Crack Berry
3. Jareth
4. Pulsar
And I used Jareth again wet as liner.

As you can hopefully tell from the swatches, these colors are BEAUTIFUL. Hands down some of the most amazing shadows I have ever used. Seriously in love with these shadows and this company.
1. Beautiful shades
2. Unique colors
3. Great blend ability
5. Great prices
6. Fast and cheap shipping
7.Awesome Customer service

NONE! besides the fact that I want to buy every shadow in the shop. Con for me Pro for them :)

Would I recommend this company? Umm heck yes!! I am definitely going to purchase more shades and full sizes of some of the ones I received.

The Chequered Lily's Etsy Shop:
Their Facebook:

Hope you enjoyed :)

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