Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Calypso Mineral Beauty "Fall Stacker"

Hello lovelies! I am excited to be back with my second review from Calypso Mineral Beauty! This time I will be reviewing and swatching the beautiful Matte Fall Stacker.

These 11 colors come conveniently stacked as you can see :)

Starting from the top L-R

Fetish- A deep rich red brown
Torrid- A beautiful toned down red brown
Blood Orange- a muted orange
Maize- A true mustard yellow, I really love this shade of yellow!
Daffy Dill- A muted more pastel yellow
 These were swatched over NYX JEP in Milk

Blimey-Not sure how to describe this one it is a pastel pea green? But very adorable
Envy-A true pea green
Fangorn- deep sage green 
Violent- Beautiful pastel lavander
Livid-Deep burgundy
Contusion-Deep purple

              These colors are incredibly beautiful! They are definitely perfect for fall! There is not one color in this stack that I don't adore. Each color makes a gorgeous liner as well. I LOVE Violent as a liner and blush, it's a must have! Pigmentation like usual when it comes to Calypso is perfect! Blending is smooth and flawless.
Lately I have been finding myself reaching for this stack more and more on a regular basis, its my go to collection when I want color but nothing too bright. Calypso definitely offers high quality shadows at a low cost and I couldn't be happier with their products. I hope to try out more of what they offer soon.

Using Livid and Contusion

Using Livid again :)
Using Fetish and Torrid and Violent as a liner. :)

Again I definitely recommend this company and their lovely products! Here are all the links for Calypso be sure to check them out :)

The Matte Fall Stacker is found here: Matte Fall Stacker
Calypso Mineral Beauty Store: Calypso Mineral Beauty Etsy
Calypso On Facebook:

Make sure you check out their facebook page, they have ton's of awesome deals sales and giveaways all the time!


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