Monday, May 23, 2011

A Review: Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty

Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty is a company I found on Facebook, they make handmade Bath products and pure pigment, loose mineral makeup products.  They have everything from bath salts to body lotions in the bath department. And pure pigment eye shadows, primers and foiling/liner serums in the beauty department.
I was sent 5 samples of my choice(which are $1 each and they provide 1/4 of a teaspoon in clamshells and those clamshells are each individually baggied haha so not a word) And their full sizes are 5gram sifter jars and they contain 1 teaspoon of product for $5.95. Below is what the samples looked like when I received them with 2 business cards, which are frickin adorable btw!! Each product comes with the ingredients listed on the back. They state that although they don't promote themselves as vegan, all of their current shades are vegan.

Below are the samples, as you can see its a very generous amount! Enough for quite a few applications! There's nothing I like less than when a company sends a sample(especially if you pay for it) and theres only enough to do like 1 eye. So they definitely get some extra points for that!

First up in the picture is
Hot Mess-
This color is GORGEOUS it reminds me alot of a LA Splash Diamond Dust I got from Ulta. This is a bright Fuschia color with loads of pink micro glitter! The pigmentation is awesome!! Its my favorite color from the bunch even though I seriously love all 5.
Once You Go Black-
BY FAR my favorite name out of the colors haha a lot of their shadow names are hilarious! This one is a matte black with loads of holo glitter. Its a little hard to get the glitter to stick but with the right base I think it can work. For me when I swatched it on my arm with an NYX base the glitter fell right off but on my eye(in the picture below) I used Pixie Epoxy and it showed up way better. Holo glitter is my favorite :) This shadow also has great pigmentation! They say a good way to find out how good a makeup company is through their black shadow so I always test or swatch black shadows and if they are pigmented that usually means the rest  or the shadows are pigmented too :)
Next up
Another great name! haha kinda gross but funny :) The picture doesn't do the color justice, Its actually REALLY pretty. It's obviously a salmon color, it has more of a sheen to it then shimmer. I just read on Rag Dolls Bath & Beauty's site that it can also be used as a blush which I didn't even think to do before but It was be an awesome blush color! Again great pigmentation.

Here we have
Yellow Brick Road-
Who doesn't love The Wizard of Oz? This color is a basic bright shimmery yellow, with really good color pay off.

Last but not least there's...................  Pop the Cork!
This one I LOVE as a highlight color...its described as a metalic pale golden color. Its a tad dark on me but I have no skin pigmentation what so ever pretty much so I think this color would be a sexy highlight on tan skin :) I still love it as a highlight on me though I'm not gonna let my pale skin stop me :)    

Here are the swatches!! I swatched them over NYX Pearl Eyeshadow Base 
Here is a look I did today using Once You Go Black, Hot Mess, Yellow Brick Road and Pop the cork...I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance and then my Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy :)               

I love the shadows, pigmentation is awesome, quality great! Colors are gorgeous. Love the costumer service, shipping was fast. Although I was sent these samples to review I do think their prices are very reasonable! And these are all my honest thoughts and opinions :) I definitely recommend this company!

They are currently in the process of moving from Etsy to Artfire check them out :)
And here's their Facebook page 

Thanks for reading!! <3

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