Tuesday, May 17, 2011

500 "Likes" Giveaway!!!!

First of all I'd like to thank each and every one of you who have stuck by me and supported my love for everything makeup! You guys have honestly given me confidence in myself that I have never had and I wouldn't even know how to ever repay you for that! You are all so amazing and kind! If it wasn't for makeup I would have never had my Savannah Loves Makeup page and if I never had that page I would have never met some super incredible people!! Now to thank you all for helping me reach 500(which is mind blowing btw) I am having this giveaway!!! I have some amazing sponsors who were fantastically kind enough to donate some goodies for you guys! I appreciate them just as much!! <3

Since Facebook changed EVERYTHING fun I've resorted to blogger for my giveaways and contests.
Since most of the sponsors have Facebook page's I will need all the participators in the giveaway to "Like" and/or Request the sponsors pages. I WILL check :)

I will post the items/companies below and the rules after that so pay close attention :)

One person will win 2 full size eyeshadow's of your choice from Concrete Minerals


One person will win a pair of Anchor earrings and a set of bows from Sugar Shears Boutique

One person will win the necklace, earrings and shadows shown below from Graffiti Divas Cosmetics

One person will win some makeup goodies from Face It Cosmetics

One person will win some makeup goodies from Pampered Xombie Cosmetics

One person will win this makeup bag(lip glosses not included) and a $5 gift certificate for MARK.
1. MUST be a FOLLOWER of my blog(no anonymous followers please) and MUST Like my Facebook page(link will be below) 
2. MUST LIKE and/or Friend Request each of the companies I listed above on Facebook.(I will check)
3.Leave a comment(1 per person) below listing which company/companies you would like to be entered in to win along with the name of your Facebook page and e-mail so I can contact you if you win.
4.Winners names will be chosen at random using Class Tools!
Giveaway ENDS May 31st at 11:59 pm est so that gives you guys 2 weeks :) 
My facebook :)


  1. Hey Savannah! First off, your blog is adorable!
    .. I liked all the sponsors facebook pages, & I would like to be entered in all of them. Right after I finishing writing this comment, I will follow your blog! Thanks for holding the giveaway! Your awesome!

    Email: vickijaym@hotmail.com
    Facebook: Victoria Martin

  2. yay! I would also liked to entered in all of them! I am following your blog and I also liked/friend requested all the sponsors pages! Thanks for the awesome giveaway <3

    E-mail: Michelle_Monge@knights.ucf.edu
    Facebook: Michelle Monge

  3. hey lovely!!! ok so listen!! i want to enter pampered zombie, faceit, graffiti divaz, and concrete minerals!! i liked them already!! thank u so much dollface!

    my email sktlchikvazquez@ymail.com
    facebook: lila skittlezz vazquez

  4. I love your makeup you inspire me. I would love to be entered for Pampered Xombie Cosmetics and Concrete Minerals. by the way is there a page for us to like for Pampered Xombie Cosmetics???

    Email: Vondeana@gmail.com
    Facebook: Sharesa Murray

  5. Oh hey, I didn't know I didn't need a blogging account to follow! :) Awesome!

    I'd like to be entered into Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divaz, Mark., Pampered Zombie, Face It, and Sugar Shears! Thank you!

    email: gothgirl_prophecy@yahoo.com
    facebook: Christine Kaczmarek

  6. Hi! I'd like to be entered in Face It and Concrete Minerals!

    Email: VLSargeant@gmail.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lunaryna

    Thanks so much and thank you for all the wonderful makeup ideas! <3

    - Victoria

  7. yay! im so excited, ve entered in all ov them <3 love Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divaz, Mark., Pampered Zombie, Face It, and Sugar Shears!

    my email: me.ammara@gmail.com

    facebook: Ammo khan

    Thankyou <3

  8. I just requested,and liked the pages :)I would like to enter Graffiti Divas, Pampered Xombie Cosmetics,Face It Cosmetics,Concrete Minerals. Thxs so much for the contest,ans thxs to all the SPONSORS :D I think it's great when ladies get together to do stuff like this. God bless
    My facebook name is crystal guzman perez
    my email is inez.guzman87@gmail.com

  9. I would like to be entered to all of the giveaways!
    Facebook: Melissa Ramirez
    email: melissa_ramirez43@yahoo.com

  10. I'd love to be entered into all of them! Thanks so much for having this! Amazing!!!!
    Facebook :Treetard Elda
    email: fizzlegotflow8984@yahoo.com

  11. I just liked/requested all of the pages and I am now following your blog. :) i would like to be entered in all of them <3

    Email: luludoll.arce@yahoo.com
    Facebook :http://www.facebook.com/luludoll.arce

  12. I follow via GFC (Cheryl)

    Awesome giveaway :) I have liked/requested all pages on FB (John Cheryl) - please enter me in all giveaways :D

    Thanks for the opportunity

    cfjc_17 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  13. I am pretty sure I was AAF of all except one...So I liked that one..and I would LOVEEEEE to be entered into ALL of the giveaway!! But please enter my name about 20X's into Pampered Xombie..Thanks ;) j/k but really Enter me in All.


    My email is beerrootaw@yahoo.com

  14. I love them allll, so you can enter me for all of the prizes! <3
    Cute blog ;)

    Facebook page: facebook.com/xTheMakeupBag
    Email: xthemakeupbag@live.com

  15. I love them all. Enter me in all of them!!

    Facebook-Chelsea Shindler

  16. woo enter me in all of these! i love ur blog sav its cute!!already like all these pages!


  17. I love all of them!! I would love to be entered for all of them!

    I liked or am a friend of all companies under Priscilla Zambrano Delgado

    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/krzyprisd88

    Email: prisd88@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  18. Congratulations for 500fans :)
    Thanks for giveaway
    I have liked all the pages and would like to enter for all the items :)
    My Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/ZunairaAli
    and email ID is zunaira@live.com

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  20. I follow via GFC as Michelle.

    I like your Facebook page as Michelle Maestas and as Makeup Mama, my Facebook pages are https://www.facebook.com/mcmaestas83 and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makeup-Mama/190718824296887 .

    I would like to be entered in the Concrete Minerals, Sugar Shears Boutique, Graffiti Divas Cosmetics, Face It Cosmetics, and MARK giveaways.

    mcmaestas at gmail dot com

  21. Hello Savannah. I would like to please be entered in to the giveaway for all of the companies and have liked them all <3
    thank you!

  22. Follow via GFC- Mrskittykaboom

    My facebook is: Jeni D.

    I liked all the companies on facebook, and it would be way too hard to pick just one, So I guess my favorites are the Concrete minerals, Graffiti Divas & Pampered Xombie. Thanks so much! & good luck everyone! :D

    Email- MrsKittyKaBoom AT gmail DOT com

  23. I hate that it took an EPIC sale fail for me to find your page, but am so excited that I did. I will be taking some inspiration for some new eye looks :) I would like to be entered for the Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divas, Face It Cosmetics, and Pampered Zombie Cosmetics goodies!

    Courtney Tanner

  24. I follow you both on FB and via Google Reader.

    I have liked all of the FB pages/friend add etc, looked at the Etsy pages and websites of your sponsors.

    I would like to be entered for the Concrete Minerals, Sugar Shears Boutique, Graffiti Divas, Face It Cosmetics, Pampered Zombie Cosmetics goodies and the Mark giveaway.


  25. Hello!

    I've "liked" you and all of the sponsors on facebook. I also follow your blog as bopeep.

    Please enter me for the Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divas, Face It Cosmetics, and Pampered Zombie Cosmetics prizes.

    Thank you!

    Brandi brandiphil at hotmail dot com

  26. Congrats for 500!
    I'd like to be entered for Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divas, Face It Cosmetics, Pampered Zombies Cosmetics and Mark.

    Thank you so much!

    Sarah Jusak

  27. hey sarah im here wanting to get entered in for all of them: Concrete Minerals, Sugar Shears Boutique, Graffiti Divas Cosmetics, Face It Cosmetics, Pampered Xombie Cosmetics they are all interesting and beatiful art works and make up of course and this would be a good chance for any thing and i like to take chances love always meeeeeeeeeeeeee xoxo PEACE email: athenasnyderj@gmail.com FB Athena James

  28. Everything its awosome please enter me in all the products!!!! Love ir blog
    Facebook luisa Velazco

  29. I would like to be entered in Concrete Minerals, Pampered Xombie, and Face It Cosmetics. Thanks!!!
    FB Joeleen Miller

  30. Congrats on your 500 MileStone <3
    I would like to enter Concrete Minerals,, Pampered Xombiie, Face It Cosmetics, and Graffiti Divas Cosmetics (:

    Email - ruskinbaby14@aol.com
    FaceBook- Hermelinda Doniaz

  31. Love it all but i entered concrete minerals and mark. Email acook2682@gmail.com facebook name amanda cook

  32. Hi Savannah....
    Congrats on your 500 Likes girl! Way to go! And thanks for having this giveaway too.
    I have "Liked" or Requested all the sponsers pages on FB and now I am following your blog here too.
    I would love to be entered in ALL of the sponsers giveaways...Concrete Minerals, Graffiti Divaz, Mark., Pampered Zombie, Face It, and Sugar Shears!
    My email is: kdaniels@everestkc.net
    Facebook: Kriss D Daniels

    Thank you again..good luck everyone!

  33. I'd like to be entered in all of them pwease? :) They all are amazing prizes and companies! So cute and fun.
    Email: devilslilkitten@hotmail.com
    Facebook: Katt Jolie Rouge Jordan